24 March 2023


Lambertus Vogelzang implemented since 1990 a number of international long-term, medium-term and short-term missions in the fields of rural strengthening, agricultural extension development and agricultural training-educational support. These international training and consultancy activities took place in Central and Eastern Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland,  Serbia and Slovak republic), Africa (Ethiopia, GhanaKenya and Tanzania) and Asia (IndiaVietnam and Yemen). In the Netherlands I prepared and conducted a number of international training activities in the fields of rural strengthening, extension planning and educational development.

Nowadays Lambertus Vogelzang implements assignments in national and international projects. Nationally main clients are agricultural co-operatives, agricultural organisations, agricultural schools, an umbrella organisation of contractors and the national state forestry service. Internationally main clients were and are: DGIS (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Senter and EVD (Agencies of Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs), GTZ (German Development Cooperation), NOVIB (Dutch donor), ICCO (Dutch donor), World Bank and EU.

Cooperation between Agricultural Development Trust in Baramati (India) and Motivaxion (The Netherlands)

The Agricultural Development Trust (ADT) in Baramati aims at contributing to the development of the rural local population. The main emphasis is on education, extension, women empowerment and awareness raising. The Trust consists of several departments which support the education and development of rural youth, farmers and others that are active in the rural setting.

The ADT is a progressive and ambitious institute which is very much eager to further develop itself. The intention is to play a role in the coming years in international developments and activities. As part of that process Motivaxion (in the name of Lambertus Vogelzang) was asked to cooperate with the ADT. The main requests to him were related to activities in the broad field of organisational development. Practically it meant that in 2008 three missions were fielded.

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