24 March 2023

Mission to Ghana

CAH requested the support of Lambertus Vogelzang to implement a mission to Ghana in April 2008. The main aim of the NUFFIC project is: ‘Design and implement a student-centred teaching methodology and curriculum for the agricultural engineering programme according to the principals of competency-based learning’. The new programme is to be in line with labour market demands, will in-cooperate the social-economical context of Ghana and promote more creativity and innovation in problem solving. The main parts of the curriculum are already developed. The implementation of the curriculum of the first and second year has started. The development of the third year is in the final stage and will be implemented next academic year.

During the above mentioned mission the focus was mainly on supporting optimal use of the developed curriculum. The mission training programme on Coaching Personal Development aims to support a group of teachers, from the four involved Polytechnics, in getting further competent in guiding students in their own personal development. Important tools to stimulate Personal Development of students are Personal Development Plans and Action Plans, including various personal and team analyses.

The attached pictures gives you some information and impression of this educational mission to the Polytechnic in Ho, Ghana.

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