24 March 2023

Missions to Kenya

The PSDA programme aims to support private sector development in agriculture in Kenya. One of the PSDA components is to strengthen value chains (VC) through the improvement of the cooperation between the various VC stakeholders, know how and technology transfer in selected value chains and regions. The programme is implemented by programme officers seconded from different Ministries as well as German and Kenyan GTZ-staff who are supported by GFA short term consultants on Value Chain Development (VCD), Marketing and Training. [Read more…]

Ninth Mission to PSDA

Ninth mission aims and programme

Lambertus Vogelzang (ISTC-Training) fielded a ninth mission from 22nd of March until 10th of April 2009. The main aims of this mission were:

  1. Developing Marketing Modules
  2. Pre-testing Marketing Modules
  3. Developing PEP Training Manual
  4. Pre-testing PEP Training Manual

The mission programme was developed in close cooperation with Eberhard Krain (PSDA Programme Manager), Miriam Wanyonyi (PSDA Programme Officer), Ralf Arning (ISTC VCD) and Sigrid Giencke (ISTC Marketing).. [Read more…]