9 February 2023

Course Market Access for Sustainable Development

The annual course Market Access for Sustainable Development aims at providing participants with new insights and experiences to support small holders and small entrepreneurs in getting access to the market. The participants of this course (36 in 2008) come from all over the world and are mainly active in governmental institutes, NGOs, education and research, and private business. This course is organised by Wageningen International (see for application: www.cdic.wur.nl/UK/Courses) and takes place each year in the month of November. The attached course description gives you an outline of this well evaluated course. In addition the pictures give you an impression of some parts of the 3-week programme when the participants are actively involved in making a link between the newly gained information and the situation back home. The support of Lambertus Vogelzang to this course is mainly focused on guiding the participants in applying the course inputs in their own working situation.

Course Market Access – Description and application 2009

Pictures of the Course

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