24 March 2023

Fields of expertise

The main fields of expertise of Motivaxion are:

1) Personal skill improvement:

  1. Active and stimulating management and leadership
  2. Communication and co-operation
  3. Client-orientation
  4. Setting up and implementing strategic, working and extension plans
  5. Improving personal working efficiency: Project work, time management, coaching, etc.

2) Organisational development:

  1. Organisational analysis and development
  2. Creating and supporting farmers’ organisations, like agricultural co-operatives and agricultural advisory services
  3. Supporting change processes, for example from state-orientation to market orientation
  4. Strengthening internal and external co-operation
  5. Setting up and implementing training-of-trainers’ programmes

3) Rural strengthening:

  1. Network and actor analysis
  2. Rural planning
  3. Training and using participatory methodologies
  4. Contributing to establishing sustainable and diversified rural areas
  5. Facilitating teams to prepare and implement rural development plans

Sombor - West Backa Farmer Association, , developing buisiness plan