9 February 2023


Lambertus Vogelzang organised and conducted a number of studytours since 1991. Th emain aim of these studytours is to get exposed to and learn from developments in the Netherlands, mainly focusing on agriculture and horticulture During these studytours attention is given to creating a learning atmosphere to identify points of interest for the situation back home of the studytour participants and to develop clear and practical action points. Most of the time participants are farmers/growers, extension workers, researchers, educational staff members and/or policy makers.

Examples of guiding studytours to the Netherlands with participants from various countries:

1) Hungary – Studying the agricultural network

2) Bulgaria – Studying the agricultural extension system

3) Indonesia – Studying agricultural and educational developments

4) Albania – Studying the agricultural developments and organisation

5) Moldova – Studyingagricultural innovations and agricultural extension system

6) Kyrgyzstan – Studying the potato sector

7) Ethiopia – Studying the agricultural education system, see also studytour details and pictures

8) Ukraine – Studying the cooperative developments, see also studytour and mission details and pictures

9) Kosovo – Studying the lettuce chain, see also studytour pictures

Lambertus Vogelzang is able to prepare and conduct such studytours in accordance with the needs of the participants combining creaing an enabling atmosphere to combine learning, socialising and getting the best results to improve the situation under study in the home country.