9 February 2023

Ninth Mission to PSDA

Ninth mission aims and programme

Lambertus Vogelzang (ISTC-Training) fielded a ninth mission from 22nd of March until 10th of April 2009. The main aims of this mission were:

  1. Developing Marketing Modules
  2. Pre-testing Marketing Modules
  3. Developing PEP Training Manual
  4. Pre-testing PEP Training Manual

The mission programme was developed in close cooperation with Eberhard Krain (PSDA Programme Manager), Miriam Wanyonyi (PSDA Programme Officer), Ralf Arning (ISTC VCD) and Sigrid Giencke (ISTC Marketing)..

Main mission results and conclusions

The main results and conclusions of the mission are:

1) Marketing Modules

In close cooperation with 19 Kenyan marketing experts we managed to come up with final draft versions of five Marketing Modules on:
Module 1: Introduction to Agricultural Marketing
Module 2: Market linkages
Module 3: Marketing costs and Pricing
Module 4: Market information
Module 5: Marketing Planning and Niche Markets
The draft versions of these five Marketing Modules are available in separated documents.

2) PEP Training Manual on Participatory Extension Planning

Together with 19 KENFAP staff members we worked intensively on developing a useful and practical Kenyanised version of the PEP Training manual. A final draft version of this PEP Training manual could be presented at Wednesday 8th of April to the KENFAP Management and at 9th of April 2009 to the participants of the mission debriefing. This final draft of the PEP Training manual is also available in a separated document.

Illustrative pictures
A number of attached pictures illustrate nicely the good and pleasant work we did during this mission in close cooperation between Kenyan colleagues, German experts and a Dutch consultant.

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