9 February 2023

Third mission, November – December 2008

A third mission was building further on the results and activities of the two previous missions. The training for the HoD’s of the ADT was giving a good impression of the implementation of their action plans as formulated during the second mission. During this mission four training activities were conducted.

A five day training on Leadership, management and team spirit

A five day training on Leadership, management and team spirit for 16 representatives of in total 7 companies. The reactions after this training were very positive as illustrated by two emails which I received shortly after the training. Otherwise, the included documents about the training-programme, evaluation and pictures gives a good impression of this training.

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Feedback after the training via email from Dr. S. S. Nadgauda, Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd, sunil.nadgauda@venkys.com

“Dear Sir, after this training I am looking towards my work, my staff members and towards my superiors with a different vision. It is nice to share with you that one issue was pending for last one year with one of my customer and today only when I met him I listened him very patiently and without any argument. And the result, I successfully colleted the money from him with keeping relations with him even more stronger than before. This confident in me is definitely because of you. The sole credit goes to you and my boss also. Most probably I am going to arrange the training programme for all mystaff members in next year January 2009”.

Feedback via email from Dr. Dnyaneshwar M. Narawade, Shubyan Motors, dmnarawade@yahoo.com

“Hello Everybody,
I hope this mail finds you all in the best of health as it leaves me here.The change in life which I feel after my training holds no bond. I am enthrilled and enthusiastic, rearing to implement my trained skills to enrich my company with management and team spirit, which I have learned to be a good leader. It is because all you guys who helped me out. I hope all of you must be feeling the same.”

Training for teachers of the Senior college of the ADT

A training of 3 days was conducted for teaches of the Senior college of the ADT on Teaching insights and skills. Good exchange about the relevance for a teacher to step into the shoes of his/her student to guide him/her properly. See also the training programme, evaluation and pictures.

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Training for the Heads of Department of the ADT

A third training was organised for the Heads of Departments of the ADT. A very good session on strategic analysis of the own Trust. During a next mission in March – April 2009 we will continue working on this strategic development process. Also here the training programme, evaluation and pictures give more insights.

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Training for teachers of different educational departments of the Trust

The fourth training was organised for teachers of different educational departments of the Trust. During this training the need for attention to attitude and skills rather than only knowledge was discussed and exercised. See also the relevant training programme, evaluation and pictures.

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