27 March 2019

Fourth Mission, april-may 2009

During a fourth mission to the Agricultural Development Trust in Baramati, India, by Lambertus Vogelzang the emphasis was on preparing and implementing a training on Strategy development and Team cooperation and communication. This training was a follow up of previous mission activities on Participatory Extension Planning, Team building and Strategy development (see also the programmes, evaluation results and pictures of these previous missions).

The training on Strategy development and Team cooperation and communication was organized and conducted in close cooperation between KVK Baramati (Dr. Mrs Tarannum Kadarbhai and her extension staff) and Motivaxion (Lambertus Vogelzang). This training took place from Monday 27th of April until Saturday 2nd of May 2009 at the training location of the demonstration farm of the Agricultural Development Trust in Baramati. In total 13 participants took part in this training activity that was guided by Lambertus Vogelzang.

Attached you find an overview of the training programme and also the appreciation of this training by the participants. The attached pictures and newspaper articles (article 1 | article 2) give a good impression of this training and also of the other mission activities.

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