27 March 2019

Module Training and Extension

The module Training and Extension aims at providing participants with new insights and skills to develop and implement training and extension programmes to help farmers improving their farm results. There are two groups of participants: a number of participants participate in the 9 month pig or poultry husbandry course at PTC+ in Barneveld in the Netherlands and others participants come for this 2-week module specifically to the Netherlands. Most of the participants from Africa, Asia or South America are active in extension and training organisations in their home working situation. The organiser of the course (PTC+ in Barneveld, the Netherlands) is inviting new participants for the next Module Training and Extension which will take place in January 2010 (see for application: www.ptcplus.com). The attached module description gives you an outline of this well appreciated module.  In addition the pictures give you an impression of the extension part of this attractive module programme when the participants are active in developing an extension plan themselves during the module of January 2009. The support of Lambertus Vogelzang to this module is on guiding the extension component of this module.

Module Training and Extension – Description and application 2010

Pictures of the training

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  1. What a nice photo of extension and training module!

  2. I was one of the participants of this module (Training and Extension). It was very nice, interesting and joyful. This module is pratically orianted and real “learning by doing”. Really it helped a lot. Now I am more skill about farmers’ problem identification and how to solve the problem by using extension knowledge. I also learned more, how to conduct a training program.

  3. The module “Training & Extension” is which one should not miss. Just step in for participation in this module, You will feel the amazing essence of learning……….experience it.

  4. Being a participant of the 9 month course at PTC+ Barneveld the Netherlands practically involved in training and extension in my country. I have been recieved alot of trainings since my carrier in the field of training and extension.The module training and extension module which I joined to learn more about this field, has really been developed my insight and has equiped me with with new skills and knowledge. The training was very inspiring and it gave me a real picture of extension. It was very interesting that has made me enthusiatic to do more in the field of training and extension. The friendly environment of learning by doing with participatory appraoch was the utmost important thing for all of us that we learnt everything ourselves. In the Last I would say that I like the SMART KISS of LSP. If you are also eager to learn what is training and extension join and experience it, it’s really incredible in the sense of SMART KISS of LSP.

  5. Being a trainer of training instite of its kind in my country which is a leading institute focusing mainly on the quality of trainings. To maintain the quality of trainings is possible provided that all the human resource are effectively harnessed. I am always saying that in the academic development of an individual a teacher plays a vital role. Almost all teachers are subject centered. Contrary to this very few teachers are inspiring and person centered. The lack of inspiring teachers is a great catastrophy for the world. The credit of training and extension module goes to our teacher Lambertus Vogelzong that has really inspired me. I personally commend his contribution to my knowledge and skills in the field of training and extension.

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