27 March 2019

Second mission, June-July 2008

The second mission was building further on the results of the first mission. However, the main focus was on conducting three training activities of five days each for different target groups on various aspects concerning organisational development.

Training for managers of Baramati Agro

The first training, from 28 June to 2 July 2008, was for managers of Baramati Agro, a private company in the fields of sugar and poultry. In total approximately 500 staff members are employed in this innovative and dynamic company. The following document give insight into:

And some pictures:

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Training for teachers of the Agri college of the ADT

The second training, from 4 to 8 July 2008, was for teachers of the Agri college of the Agricultural Development Trust. The main focus of this training was on Team cooperation and Teaching insights and capacities. Also here the following documents give an impression of the training programme, evaluation results and pictures to illustrate what happened during the training:

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Training for the heads of the ADT

The third training, from 9 to 13 July 2008, was for heads of the Agricultural Development Trust on Leadership, management and team spirit. A comparable programme like the one for the managers of the Baramati Agro was prepared and conducted (see training 1). The following documents inform you again about the training programme, results and some pictures to taste a bit of the lively and inspiring training atmospher:

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  1. I have personally undergone these trainings. They are amazing! Not only enjoyable but so very creative, Participatory, encouarging. The way these trainings are imparted is very innovative. Participants rarely feel that they are learning, its more fun, But finally a message gets embossed in the minds. Keep it up. I would like to attend more uch trainings. Every manager & teacher must experince these trainings atleast once.!!

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